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Ritcha styles her friends in Manubhai Jewellers PINK - Rose Gold Jewellery Collection

Blogger and Influencer, Ritcha decided to style her friends in Manubhai Jewellers Rose Gold Jewellery Collection - PINK. Rose Gold Jewellery is carving its niche in the hearts of Women today... Ritcha showcases how the pink metal can be adorned beautifully not just in diamonds but in various motifs without diamonds too.

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Style Speak

Wedding Jewellery Looks for Brides-to-be on Style Speak with Manubhai Jewellers!

On your wedding day, you should look nothing less than a princess! Draped in the finest jewels crafted in 22k gold and studded with gemstones, Manubhai Jewellers presents wedding jewellery styles for the Indian Bride!

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Going Bold in Gold with Riya Jain on Manubhai Jewellers Style Speak

Gold doesn't always need to be traditional! Presenting a new Gold Style Quotient on Manubhai Jewellers Style Speak! Wear these fancy collectibles to parties, brunches, concerts, your girls night outs and whenever you want to glow in that golden warmth!

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Flower Power on Style Speak with Swati Sharma

“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world”, said Christian Dior. We're bringing you the best of Manubhai Jewellers floral looks for all you lovely women out there on Style Speak with Swati Sharma from The Archattire

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Want jewellery styling tips this Wedding Season? Madhura Bhogale pairs her wedding season outfits with jewellery only on Manubhai Jewellers Style Speak!

Madhura Bhogale brings you some fabulous style tricks on how to elegantly pair jewellery for the multitude of functions this wedding season! From Gold jewellery to enamelled Jadau jewels, catch it all on Style Speak with Manubhai Jewellers!

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Sarika Nagdeo shares her fondness for Temple Jewellery on Style Speak with Manubhai Jewellers

Sarika with her mom Sonia Nagdeo explore the gracefully defined beauty of temple jewellery and how its different yet versatile.
From adorning each other to sharing the love for heritage jewellery they talk it all with some interesting facts!

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Hesha Chimah gives you a glimpse into jewellery for any occasion.

Hesha Chimah, shares styling tips on jewellery must-haves for different occasions. From casual first dates and those formal office attire, to the season’s festivities and the glamorous sangeet nights!

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Sarika Nagdeo from The Style Compile shares ideas on pairing traditional antique jewellery with modern outfits

Sarika believes jewellery isn’t meant to be worn just once. This is why in this video she pairs a slick black dress with some ethnic antique gold jewellery.

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Riya Jain from Caught in a Cuff checks out the bridal collections in trend this season

Bridal Jewellery can be tricky sometimes… So here’s Riya Jain sharing her selections from the Manubhai Jewellers Utsavi Collection.

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Shivani Patil bring The F Drug to Manubhai Jewellers

Here’s Shivani Patil from The. F.Drug; creating her very own look for brides-to-be. She picks the trendiest concepts and shares how mixing up sets can add in oomph to your wedding attire.

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The Jewellery Experience with SarikaNagdeo

SarikaNagdeofrom The Style Compile has taken us over an ornate walk through design and the history of temple jewellery. Here’s a quick sneak peek into each of these jewellery pieces that Sarikahas featured.

These 22K chandbaali's have a delicate matte gold finish which looks subtle and has fine detailing. If you look closely here, you can see the various elements of filigree, bead work and carving that elegantly blend together. These little keshi pearls here add a faint grace to these chanbalis.
Temple jewellery is the perfect blend of heritage, art and fashion. A simple style statement; this pendant truly looks as if a painter from another era decided to capture all the essence of Lord Krishna and his life in 22K gold. Look closely and you will see the chitrayikarigari done so meticulously; outlining every detail in such glory.
A little known fact about temple jewellery is that every element of temple jewellery is handcrafted. Temple jewellery uses absolutely no mould to create these artistic Gods and Godesses images on the neckpiece. Each and every piece is physically moulded by the karigar and depends largely on the creativity and skill of karigars. Just like this beautiful 22K gold necklace with antique finish and rubies.
These elegant 22K gold bangles have karigari that combines Goddess Lakshmi to form this stunning piece of art. The use of various deities to create a heritage look is the true beauty of temple jewellery. Most common designs are those of Goddess Laxmi, Radha-Krishna, Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeya. And surprisingly though chunky and large, these pieces are really light in weight.
Temple jewellery too has another school of thought from the karigars of Jaipur; which manifests into these 22K gold neckpieces. Sarika has adorned a beautiful temple choker that marries dye work with beaten metal. The hammered gold with Goddess Lakshmi on individual pendant pieces adds in a folkloric look to the whole set. Whereas the little red rubies give it a royal feel.
And what a fabulous way to match the set with these traditional modiyas; typical Rajasthani bangleswith rubies.