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It rains and thunders all afternoon. Her lunch date cancelled, she picks a book. By the window she sits among rays of sun-lit clouds; they reflect the gold, donned so proud.
₹ 111,981.70
Butterflies in her stomach, she enters the cafe. Scanning the place, she spots her. Her eyes shine as bright as her ornate as she sits opposite her best friend, after three years of distance.
₹ 80,191.32
Wine in hand, she thinks of him; words unspoken lie in between. Exquisite gold glitters in candle-light; Her choice is made, she sips her wine. 🍷
₹ 61,045.37
Walking along the shore, their eyes speak more. Loud are her feelings and golden is her glow. His gift shimmers bright, her eyes sparkle more.✨
₹ 45,899.27
Lovely as sea shells, paired well with slippers of white. Italian gold makes you feel sublime. Evenings are lovely and so are you. Gold is immortal, sure and true.
₹ 97,123.23
Ballrooms, fine wine, a divine red gown and breath-taking Italian gold. Hearts will be stolen tonight! ❣️
₹ 68,895.88
Dinner date, a gorgeous green dress. Impatient for hours, he awaits. A final touch of Italian gold, love, you're good to go. In delicate poise, you walk to him. One look at you and he falls in love again. 💕
₹ 163,382.21
Mystic Allure.
₹ 146,635.74
Twisted Temptations
₹ 174,002.84
Diamond indulgence.
₹ 210,756.95
Drops of splendor.
₹ 180,439.52
Announce your vibe.
₹ 97,291.33