Product Gold Set (22K)
Gross Weight 58.850 grams
Net Weight 58.850 grams
Purity 22K
Price ₹ 320632
Product Gold Set (22K)
Gold rate ₹ 4640
Gross Weight 58.850 grams
Net Weight 58.850 grams
Labour Charge ₹ 435 per gram
Total Labour Charges ₹ 38228.96
Product Price ₹ 311292.96
GST 3% ₹ 9338.79
Price ₹ 320,631.75
A set of Italian gold, added the perfect touch of chic golden glow to her festive look. Although far away from her now, didi still had her back with the jewels she'd left behind for her little sister.
₹ 98,682.12
Glam up your lehenga with a little gleam and hue
₹ 164,960.70
Tassels never go out of style
₹ 245,172.96
Dedicated to the passionate go-getter in you
₹ 204,109.56
That morning, she caught your eye; draped in a saree, adorned in the set that you secretly left in her wardrobe the night before. Love doesn’t always need words to be expressed.
₹ 175,208.73
Add a splash of color
₹ 167,488.28
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