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Product Antique Bangle (22K)
Gross Weight 52.060 grams
Price ₹ 256044
Product Antique Bangle (22K)
Gold rate ₹ 3925
Gross Weight 52.060 grams
Nett Weight 52.060 grams
Labour Charge ₹ 850 per gram
Total Labour Charges ₹ 44251.00
Product Price ₹ 248586.50
GST 3% ₹ 7457.60
Price ₹ 256,044.10
A Stardust glint was all she needed to add oomph to her midnight blue cocktail gown!â €
₹ 94,366.03
As she stepped down the stairs, looking like an angel, he was left to wonder what was more charming- her smile or her Stardust allure!â €
₹ 878,387.86
Enveloped by Stardust, she rises after every fall, conquers her world and shines bright!
₹ 129,240.02
She's Stardust, born to lighten up your life!
₹ 252,930.15
She can't shine without darkness, and leaves a trail behind like a Stardust every time she tears away the darkness!
₹ 48,344.08
She doesn't rise alone; like a Stardust, she rises by lifting others!
₹ 135,054.12