Product Maangtika (22K)
Gross Weight 20.650 grams
Net Weight 10.60 grams
Purity 22K
Price ₹ 81800
Product Maangtika (22K)
Gold rate ₹ 4640
Gross Weight 20.650 grams
Net Weight 10.60 grams
Stone weight / Diamond Weight 10.050 Ct
Total Stone / Diamond charge ₹ 22610
Labour Charge ₹ 660 per gram
Total Labour Charges ₹ 7623.52
Product Price ₹ 79417.52
GST 3% ₹ 2382.53
Price ₹ 81,800.05
Dear Bombay Brides,⠀ You are breathtaking at every step; you’re ravishing with every look. We’ve envisioned you with every design and await you to make it thine. We’re finally ready to raise the curtains, revealing what we’ve put together for you.
₹ 81,800.05
She’s confident and her endeavors commendable. She’s our Bombay Bride; unpredictably incredible.
₹ 285,660.66
From her jhumkas to her thumkas, from her bangles to her payals, our Bombay Bride rocks all things traditional in her style exceptional.
₹ 49,815.27
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