Product Antique Set (22K)
Gross Weight 140.650 grams
Net Weight 123.210 grams
Purity 22K
Price ₹ 719679
Product Antique Set (22K)
Gold rate ₹ 4640
Gross Weight 140.650 grams
Net Weight 123.210 grams
Stone weight / Diamond Weight 17.440 Ct
Total Stone / Diamond charge ₹ 29785
Labour Charge ₹ 650 per gram
Meena Charges ₹ 8625
Total Labour Charges ₹ 88612.63
Product Price ₹ 698717.03
GST 3% ₹ 20961.51
Price ₹ 719,678.54
₹ 1,033,484.53
Out from the treasure trove!
₹ 547,969.50
A pastel pink lehenga, hair loosely braided she dressed for the moment she had dreamt of for long. An intricately sewn antique neckpiece, paired with matching jhumkis, were the perfect adornment match to reflect her bridal gleam.â €
₹ 370,114.39
She blows away all her blues with a happy kiss of liveliness. That's our Bombay Bride, who lives life on her terms, and that's how her wedding attire must be- bright and happening. We have aimed at designing for you, wedding trousseau that reflects your aura.
₹ 1,364,535.14
Ek pyaara sa uphaar, uss pyaari si munskaan ke liye (preapp)
₹ 196,984.02
New Year with the vibrance of colours!
₹ 236,866.77
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