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Product Real Diamond Bangle (18K)
Gross Weight 7.060 grams
Price ₹ 77,655.15
Product Real Diamond Bangle (18K)
Gold rate ₹ 3015
Gross Weight 7.060 grams
Nett Weight 6.930 grams
Stone weight / Diamond Weight 0.64 Ct
Total Stone / Diamond charge ₹ 43550
Labour Charge ₹ 1580 per gram
Total Labour Charges ₹ 10949.40
Product Price ₹ 75393.35
GST 3% ₹ 2261.80
Total ₹ 77,655.15
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VVS FG Quality
Award night, her throat felt tight. His hand clutched hers, as she sat nervously in front of the mirror. With a proud smile, he handed her a gift. Italian delights it carried,
₹ 100,537.89
Dressed in a body-con lavender, strapping up her heels high and her golden glimmer on point, she was all set for the event. All smiles as she walked in, it was all just as she had dreamt. With this first event, her dream had started to turn into reality. An entrepreneur they called her, exactly what always she wanted to be. ❣️
₹ 291,133.88
Something unique and something classy with lots of spark; that's what she wanted for her anniversay. Hidden in a bouquet came her present; opening which revealed an Italian charm, a lot more gorgeous than she had dreamt.
₹ 81,712.37
The perfect date but an awkward silence, she kept fidgeting with her Italian danglers. Heart beats increased, her cheeks flushed, as he went down on his knee asking her to be his forever.
₹ 61,523.96
She hurried to the washroom, already late, nervousness struck and she might have to compensate. Just a touch up to her kajal and her messy hair, she gave a hint of brown to lips and her wrists their favourite golden pair. Sitting across his Mom for the first time, all that now spoke was her lovely charm.
₹ 187,491.16
Dressed in formals creased with her favourite Italian gold, her flushed face spoke a story varied. Two drinks, and non-stop rants later, she laughed her woes away; dinner dates with her girlfriends never failed to make her day.
₹ 45,956.54