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Product Gold Bangle (22K)
Gross Weight 54.980 grams
Price ₹ 209,374.18
Product Gold Bangle (22K)
Gold rate ₹ 3265
Gross Weight 54.980 grams
Nett Weight 54.260 grams
Stone weight / Diamond Weight 0.72 Ct
Total Stone / Diamond charge ₹ 1700
Labour Charge ₹ 450 per gram
Total Labour Charges ₹ 24417.00
Product Price ₹ 203275.90
GST 3% ₹ 6098.28
Total ₹ 209,374.18
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Ethnic dress-ups call for elaborate accessorizing
₹ 113,327.81
Draped in a saree, eyes kohled, hair pulled back in a bun, she looked so professional, yet a little incomplete. She puts on your favorite pair of earrings and glanced at you through the mirror. Enhance the beauty that you admire with a pair of diamond danglers.
₹ 240,743.08
Add an Italian glamour to your date outfit
₹ 74,067.30
Complete your Haldi Kunku saaz with a gold thusi.
₹ 60,199.17
At the brunch with her girlfriends, all eyes are on her pendant that you adorned her with. She’s gleaming with all the attention given by her friends. You’re not present with her but you’re always on her mind. Rejuvenate your love with little surprises.
₹ 150,275.15
Tell her how much you adore her
₹ 78,007.05