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Charm of �Chitrayi� ??(Already up on the page)
₹ 407,692.90
Flowers and Pebbles ???? OR Bring your traditional attire to life ????
₹ 628,373.90
Blending Beauty and Traditions (pre app)
₹ 671,062.41
Ek pyaara sa uphaar, uss pyaari si munskaan ke liye (preapp)
₹ 156,537.75
Ban Jaa tu Meri Rani (preapp)
₹ 344,148.70
Anything is possible with Pink and a little bit of Sunshine!
₹ 155,910.28
Like a bouquet of flowers and petals 🌼🍃
₹ 352,512.76
The Mughal Garden!
₹ 513,162.12
Sasural genda phool 🎶
₹ 341,822.60
Sun and Stars
₹ 191,593.91
Sajna hai mujhe sajna ke liye 🎶
₹ 439,111.87
Let's paint the world pink 💖👌
₹ 104,026.45
Sone pe Rangon se Nakashi
₹ 591,385.57
Chuu kar mere mann ko, kiya tune kya ishara 😉💘
₹ 447,457.08
Beauty that lies in the finer details!
₹ 475,060.00
On a golden belt of carved beads, sits majestically the sunflower carved in kundan!    OR   Floral-embellished gold neckpiece🌻🌟
₹ 591,385.57
Joyful garden motif adorned on gold 🌺💛       OR       Aranya, Our bountiful garden of gold      OR       Aranya, Painting our garden in gold
₹ 511,487.49
Defines exquisite, intricate & queenly 👑🌟             OR                Crafted for the most auspicious moments 🎉
₹ 850,857.87
Kundan’s charm & gold flowers spelling elegance for you 💛💛      OR                 Fresco Inspirations with Golden Flowers!
₹ 357,296.03
Translating nature’s elements into perfection 👌👌            OR             Nature’s Flowers in Nature’s favourite metal.. Gold
₹ 590,182.17
An unmatched neckpiece set with hammered gold and antique touch!
₹ 422,067.94
Gold with a difference 👌 (old post, pre-approved)
₹ 329,857.50
On a golden belt of carved beads, sits majestically the sunflower carved in kundan!
₹ 274,137.18
Kundan blooms on gorgeous greens
₹ 223,344.79
Crafted for the most auspicious moments 🎉
₹ 850,857.87
Gulabi ankhein jo teri dekhi 🎶
₹ 355,792.90
Din shagna da chadeya 🎶
₹ 371,568.17
Today’s forecast – Gold & gorgeousness 😍😍
₹ 430,213.75
How would you Style this stunning beauty
₹ 214,094.67
Donning the power of pink 💞
₹ 173,674.58
Baatein mulakatein, pyaar, shringaar ❤️❤️
₹ 450,862.52
Handcrafted intricate 'Jali' work in a sand matt finish... Mindblown yet? (pre-app)
₹ 323,561.11
Ek dil hai, Ek jaan hai..Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain 🎶 (pre-app)
₹ 254,816.75
Leave a golden glow wherever you go✨
₹ 367,823.30
This gorgeous Nakshi work.. Takes my breath away!
₹ 399,408.25
Exceptionally detailed, exceptionally graceful! Catch us at NSCI Dome, Worli from 23rd - 25th August.
₹ 444,471.99
Swag se karenge sab ka swagat 🙏🏻🙏🏻
₹ 241,616.99
Life isn't perfect but your jewellery can be 👌🏻 Get your hands on the best jewellery pieces because we're coming to Worli from 23rd to 25th August. Details will be out soon!
₹ 187,060.10
Jadau Chokers, love much? Then come try this on at the NSCI dome from 23rd to 25th August. Details coming soon!
₹ 911,446.54
A golden canvas for delicate pearls
₹ 494,475.50
Charming gold choker with a touch of kundan!
₹ 653,524.24
Can't take my eyes off you 😍
₹ 545,065.13
Mehendi laga ke rakhna, dholi saja ke rakhna 😍 Are we seeing you at the NSCI done from 23rd to  25th August?
₹ 640,691.36
An unmatched choker set with dazzling Kundan work! Catch us at NSCI dome from 23rd to 25th August and get your hands on these awesome pieces!
₹ 763,289.48
Jharokha ka Jaadu! We are coming to @BridalAsia, NSCI DOME, Worli from 23rd to 25th August. Are we seeing you there?
₹ 551,799.02
Happy is the bride that the gold shines on 🌟
₹ 384,052.70
Peacock Inspirations in kundan and meenakari! We’ll see all you Brides-to-be from 23rd to 25th August at Bridal Asia, NSCI DOME, Worli!
₹ 733,048.12
Go for pastels this season!  Ask us how at @BridalAsia, NSCI dome, Worli from 23rd to 25th August! See you there!
₹ 364,855.36
Vintage charm in a newly wedded style! Catch these and many more at Worli, NSCI dome from 23rd-25th August!
₹ 552,357.69
These jhumkhis and many more like these we’re treating you to at Bridal Asia tomorrow. Come try these on at our booth at NSCI  Dome, Worli
₹ 315,418.08
Haar ki bahaar...
₹ 371,243.62
Crafted in gold and embellished in kundan. We are here at Brial Asia, all pumped up with our exclusive jewellery! Come see us at our booth.
₹ 837,736.80
That Emerald touch to antique! We're here at the NSCI Dome, Worli! Come see us
₹ 627,186.47
A little bit of green + a little bit of Kundan = a very gorgeous you! OR These stunners and more at NSCI, Worli today!
₹ 740,072.41
Dreams of a timeless era!
₹ 517,737.02
Kayanaat ki khubsoorati..
₹ 363,540.66
Sone jaisa Tera mann..
₹ 379,274.53
Redefining 'regal’ (pre-app)
₹ 589,804.06
Kuch alag, Kuch khaas 💞
₹ 460,732.03
An extravagant medley of kundan and pearls! 💞 Catch these at Meena Bazaar, Chennai!
₹ 428,071.61
Pretty pastels with dainty pearls! Coming your way soon to Meena Bazaar Chennai
₹ 491,742.50
Dash of red to your lehenga!
₹ 498,807.58
Kundan ki khwahish puri ho jaye? 💖
₹ 647,768.34
Antique-unique 💕  See us on 19th and 20th September at Meena Bazaar 2018, Chennai.
₹ 485,237.48
Ek Rani ki khoobsoorat kahaani Manubhai ki zabaani! Come try on some spectacular bridal jewellery at Meena Bazaar 2018, Chennai on 19th and 20th September💝
₹ 594,235.38
Something for the bride’s treasure box! Find this and many more from Manubhai’s bridal collection at Meena Bazaar, Chennai on 19th and 20th September 😍
₹ 709,839.64
For a princess bride! Catch a glimpse of this and many such bridal beauties from Manubhai on 19th and 20th September at Meena Bazaar 2018, Chennai.
₹ 564,009.00
Pearly desire for your wedding day! Visit us at Meena Bazaar 2018, Chennai on 19th and 20th September to see our bridal collection!
₹ 479,384.30
Us zamaane se, ek keemti khazaane se 💕! Find this gorgeous choker and many such bridal sets at Meena Bazaar 2018, Chennai on 19th and 20th September.
₹ 508,309.43
Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali! ❤️ We’re coming to Chennai on 19th & 20th September at Meena Bazaar, Raja hall, Egmore. Visit us!
₹ 416,737.49
Sone ki mehfil 💞 Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow, Chennai! See you at Meena Bazaar on 19th & 20th September
₹ 563,039.05
A stunner for your heirloom collection! ✨
₹ 582,808.51
For that subtle, elegant charm! ☺️ We’re here at Meena Bazaar, Chennai today and tomorrow! Here’s your golden chance to shop with us.
₹ 549,137.55
When one chain just won’t do.. we get you 7 chains in gold!! ✨ Come over to check out our Asthamala Collection!
₹ 501,786.13
Shaandaar, subah ho ya shaam! ✨ Come try on our stunning jewellery pieces at Meena Bazaar, Raja Hall, Chennai today!
₹ 740,072.41
Perfect complement to a blushing bride! ☺️ Tag a friend who is a soon to be Mrs below!🏽
₹ 729,674.15
A starlit night 😍⭐
₹ 245,777.72
Antique in all its glory! ✨
₹ 658,608.01
A hint of green embedded in gold 😍
₹ 604,562.93
Subtly royal 😍💋 revise caption
₹ 353,032.50
Carry the unique 'you' in style 💋 We have an array of some beautiful malas and sets at our Asthamala festival. See you there!
₹ 336,674.56
With a beautiful off-shoulder dress or a silk saree? 😘😘
₹ 235,210.39
Dil chori sadda hogaya.. ki kariye ki kariye 💓
₹ 451,781.18
Crafted to bring out the Indo-western Avatar in you! 😍 OR Flaunt this beauty with your favourite silk saree 😘
₹ 359,064.08
For that perfect 'Boho' look 😍 OR Your favourite one piece dress and this gorgeous set to impress! ❤️
₹ 338,133.86
A touch of pearl for the gorgeous girl 😍❤️
₹ 273,671.00
Matte is back 😍 Colour stones + matte finish = Combo to die for
₹ 324,326.81
Hexagon loving! 😍
₹ 192,284.93
Trust the magic of new beginnings! ✨  Head over to our store and explore 10000+ designs from our exclusive Diwali collection! ❤️
₹ 386,914.35
Let’s join in the celebrations of the victory of good over evil! Wishing each of you a Happy Dussehra!
₹ 418,726.83
Nayi naveli Dulhan ka shringaar, is Diwali par ye sunehra haar 😍
₹ 514,720.87
Dance like no one’s watching!
₹ 439,448.68
For an antique-kissed welcome! 😘
₹ 341,083.21
Gold filigree finesse!
₹ 253,809.87
Delicate touch of Meenakari! ❤️
₹ 438,357.19
Intricately crafted for that silk wali saree 💋
₹ 295,785.92
Celebrations with close-knit golden bonds! 💝
₹ 394,438.50
Add some shandaar grandeur to your festive mood 😍
₹ 189,954.81
Craft a golden year ahead with this stunning beauty 😍
₹ 568,298.02
Let your new year begin with golden memories of 2018 ❤️
₹ 390,061.00
Finesse of Jadau jewellery ❤️
₹ 597,499.86
Phoolon ka ek sunehra guldasta 😘
₹ 191,593.91
Rajsi tijori se <3
₹ 340,157.50
: A glistening match for your royal silk saree <3
₹ 104,026.45
Charm of vintage flowers
₹ 426,579.65
Indulging in pink passion <3
₹ 671,062.41
Reds on Antiques 😍
₹ 321,254.94
Gorgeous Antique detailing!
₹ 531,103.95
Dil ke jharokhe mein tujhko bitha kar <3
₹ 304,528.77
Din shaganaa da chadheya.. <3
₹ 151,834.15
Inspired by the Havelis of Rajasthan <3
₹ 474,391.84
Antiquity personified
₹ 410,065.35
#GoldJewellery #GoldBangles #Bangles #MJJewellery #Borivali #Mumbai #HallmarkedGold #ManubhaiJewellers #Manubhai
₹ 96,940.77
₹ 187,254.00
₹ 877,332.37
Pink elegance 💕
₹ 345,644.46
Jharokha...from the courts of Rajasthani palaces
₹ 817,504.72
Paisley Wala Pyaar
₹ 284,910.62
Paisley Wala Pyaar
₹ 206,940.80
Paisley Wala Pyaar
₹ 187,526.95
Pearl and Kundan Affair!
₹ 494,475.50
Rose gold jaw dropper!
₹ 157,375.76
Golden Garden flowers with Aranya!
₹ 590,182.17
Golden Traditions!!
₹ 508,749.96
Tareef karu kya uski, jisne tujhe banaya
₹ 170,851.25
Oye Gulabo! 🌹
₹ 239,143.03
Kya khoob dekhti ho, badi Sundar dekhti ho..😍😍
₹ 584,751.60
Floral Forests with Aranya!
₹ 355,597.30
New Year with the vibrance of colours!
₹ 190,704.65
Artsy with Paisley!
₹ 156,477.60
Badi Mushkil hai, khoya mera dil hai...❤️
₹ 219,561.60
Pal pal dil ke pass, tum rahti ho...😍❤️
₹ 178,602.00
Tujhe Chand ke bhane dekhu..❤️
₹ 169,615.25
Glam Up your traditional attire
₹ 207,277.20
Beauty lies in the finer details 😍
₹ 189,834.51
An exquisite antique beauty for your Wedding Day
₹ 375,400.75
Perfect for your red lehnga
₹ 225,468.13
A stunning set for the soni dulhan
₹ 245,158.33
Looking for an artsy set for your reception? We’ve got you covered.
₹ 116,871.06
For the bride’s pre-wedding rituals.
₹ 153,760.05
For Banno’s pre-wedding festivities
₹ 144,322.98
Perfect pick for your wedding day
₹ 399,073.50
Dear Bombay Brides, You are self-reliant and valiant; you have braved it all to be where you are. Your vibes are alluring and magnetic, making everyone notice you. It’s your confidence that has inspired us to attempt at lining up a range that complements your charisma.
₹ 478,147.73
Dear Bombay Brides, You’re the wine, that gets better with time. You’re the companion that epitomizes compassion. You, dear lady, are the paradigm of enticing flavors that leaves us all in awe
₹ 490,772.86
Bright as a sunny day, our Bombay Bride ensures a happy environment everywhere she goes. She has mastered the art of being the best at everything she does and walk off with a smile.
₹ 784,224.34
The banno with an unputdownable swagger; the dulhaniya of your dilwaala; She’s our inspiration, our Bride of Bombay.
₹ 731,535.15
Warm as the summer mornings, sprightly as the day; a flurry of freshness in her own way.
₹ 704,827.30
Jubilant and enticing, she is the soul of her family. A pampered yet independent woman, she keeps everyone around her lively
₹ 666,872.32
She’s confident and her endeavours commendable. She’s our Bombay Bride; unpredictably incredible.
₹ 456,054.03
One moment you are his Juliet while Babli to his Bunty in the next. You are a perfect blend of romance and fun, in your own way getting everything done.
₹ 560,009.87
‘What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet’, said Shakespeare; but for us, each Bombay Bride is unique in every form, every look and every charm.
₹ 854,647.08
The Millennial Dulhan deserves all jewels grand and magneficent.  Step in to our store and take a tour of the Bridal Jewelry Exhibition from 9th to 15th August (11 am - 7 pm).
₹ 562,428.56
An Exquisite elegance, the perfect match with your Sagaai ensemble. Explore more grandeur at our Bridal Jewelry Exhibition from 9th to 15th August (11 am - 7 pm).
₹ 587,099.85
Flaunt this Meenakari magnificence for your Sangeet. Discover more such elegance at our Bridal Jewelry Exhibition from 9th to 15th August (11 am - 7 pm).
₹ 643,085.14
Adorn the golden glamour for your pre-wedding rituals.  Explore our Bridal Jewelry Exhibition from 9th to 15th August (11 am - 7 pm) and get best ornates for your wedding.
₹ 232,728.50
A mesmerizing Minakari set for your Roka. Visit our Bridal Jewelry Exhibition from 9th to 15th August (11 am - 7 pm) for the best of wedding jewellery.
₹ 824,097.18