Striking Kuda Jodi Earrings for you ???
Let the diamonds do the talking! Come over to our #RoseGoldFestival to witness these and many more stunning pieces!
Cascading diamond leaves to take your breath away..
Start your new year on a sparkling note!
Kabhi aar kabhi paar laga tir-e-nazar.. ??
Get caught in the stunning diamond net :D
Sparkling ruby swirl!! ????
Wrap this delicate and gleaming diamond bracelet on your wrists ??
Burst of diamonds (Approved)
A sprinkle of twinkle for your pretty finger! (Approved)
Sitaaron ki mehfil mein gunjega taraana...
Twinkling butterflies whispering sweet nothings...????
Pin your dreams to the glistening golden canvas..
A golden canvas for pretty diamonds to the shine!
Modish floral affair ?? (Already up on the page)
Perfect beginning of a fairy tale (Already up on the page)
💎💎(Diamond emoji) Ripples with a splash of blue! (Already up on the page)
Dream of snow queen ????
Let the true-blue take over…
Channel your shimmer tonight ??
Some glittering frosties for you!
Frosted blooms (snowflake emoji) ????
Radiant (Diamond emoji) ripples with some blue drops!
Li'l diamonds knots! 💎💎
Glowing yin yang ❤️✨
Cute glowing swan feathers ??
Adorable floral crush ????
Stand out while you dazzle away ???
When picking one gets tough..????
Get ready for some shimmer rolling your way ????
Hello, attention grabber! ????
Would you like a gleaming immortal flower?  ????
Leaf plucked from another galaxy ????
Adorn the glowing lotus… #MangalsutraFestival
Some green garnishing on diamond cluster! (OLD POST PRE APPROVED)
Setting style goals...😉💕
For a romantic rendezvous???? OR Sparkling blend of red, silver, and gold finish ????
Exuding Radiance ????
Perfect answer to your accessory quests ????
Prettiness Personified ????
A dress or a saree, you can pear it with anything ????
Twinkiling Floral Twins ???
Butterfly Effect on Diamonds ???? OR Paisley Effect on Diamonds ??
Steal the show ❤️😍
Picture-perfect florals🌼🌻
But the heart wants what it wants ??
Every moment is your time to shine ????
Dazzle him on romantic evenings ????
Gleaming flowers from the garden of sparkle????
Ready, Set, DAZZLE ??
Shell of pearls! ??
Which floral cutie will you pick? ??
The perfect duo: Simple & Stunning..
Subtle diamond glow to brighten up your Monday evening..???
In the spotlight today ??????
Up for a pearl-y affair with diamonds?? ??
Can't glow wrong with these ????
Adorable flowers that's going to last forever.. ????
Chaand sitare phool aur khushboo
Pearls of wisdom nestled with diamonds
when you love paiselys as much as diamonds!!
linked in dazzle (old post ,pre-approved)
when you love paiselys as much as diamonds (old post, pre-approved0
prettiness personified (old post, pre-approved)
Blink of red amid some twinkling diamonds… (old post, pre-approved)
Budding dreams on a starry night 💕 (old post, pre-approved)
For those sanskaari cocktail parties. (old post, pre-approved)
Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko…🎵🎵 (old post, pre-approved)
Shimmering lil flowers..✨❤️ (old post, pre-approved)
I am in love with the shape of you..🎶 (old post, pre-approved)
Seasons’ calling for some rose gold blooming... got yours yet ? (old post, pre-approved)
Some 💎💎criss and some 💎💎cross 😉 (old post, pre-approved)
Art Deco in Diamonds! (old post, pre-approved)
Dazzling Diamonds ‘Pear’ed with Stunning Sapphires! (old post, pre-approved)
Jazzy diamond danglers! (old post, pre-approved)
Let sparkling butterflies whisper in your ears! (old post, pre-approved)
A trendy turn to Diamonds! (old post, pre-approved)
Luminous explosion of 💎💎💎💎 (old post, pre-approved)
Something different! Something chic! (old post, pre-approved)
The butterfly buzz.. (old post, pre-approved)
Deep blue cuties with a pearl drop! (old post, pre-approved)
The dazzle essentials! (old post, pre-approved)
A cluster of diamonds in Rose Gold! (old post, pre-approved)
Some glittering Calla Lilies for you! (old post, pre-approved)
Bit of Kundan + Dash of 💎💎+ Some Pink splash = Cuteness achieved! (old post, pre-approved)
Some rose gold magic sprinkled with💎💎  (old post, pre-approved)
Winter is here! ❄️ (old post, pre-approved)
Create a magnetic effect daily!
Subtle and Graceful... EVERYDAY! (preapp)
Everyday Curves! (preapp)
Shapely Shells in Diamonds (emoticons) (preapp)
The fanciful fusion of floral stars and pearls (preapp)
You are mine and I am yours.. (preapp)
For a Star- like presence everyday! (pre-app)
I would pick you.. Just you.. EVERYDAY! (Pre- App)
Create a magnetic effect daily! (pre- app)
Glam up Mode: EVERYDAY (Pre- approved)
Come.. Fall in Love with Diamonds.. EVERYDAY! (pre app)
Everyday's Mantra: Simple and Stunning! (preapproved)
Add some Diamonds to shine EVERYDAY! (Preapp)
Subtle and Graceful... EVERYDAY! (preapp)
Daily magic for your wrists! (preapp)
Everyday Awesomeness! (preapp)
Everyday Curves! (preapp)
Daily Mood Today: Light and Crisp (preapp)
Cause Everyday deserves every bit of Shine!  preapp
Add some Diamonds to Shine Everyday! (preapp)
My love glows in your eyes everyday!
Don't forget to Shine EVERYDAY! pre app
Look ravishing EVERYDAY!
Look ravishing EVERYDAY!
Be in Vogue EVERYDAY preapp
Subtle Diamond glow to your EVERYDAY evenings!
Easy Elegance EVERYDAY! pre app
My Reason to Shine EVERYDAY!
Make EVERYDAY a bit more Glamorous!!
Post 3: Drape in the glitter of 💎💎 everyday!
Spoil yourself with 💎💎 everyday! 😉
Oh WOW!!
You spin my head right round 🎶
Round and Ravishing 💎💫
Hypnotizing swirls 💘💘
Be ready to make heads turn 😉😉
Flash a bit of 💎 dazzle tonight 😉
Caution! You are crossing Diamonds!
Tantalizing diamonds 💎💎
Spells elegance 💎💖
Happiness is THIS! (preapp)
Happiness is THIS!!
Everyday Diamond Happiness!
Not just today or tomorrow, but everyday ❤️❤️
Falling in love with you everyday 😘💋
Sparkle On... Everyday!
Gleaming halo of pearls 🌟💫     OR      Exhibiting a halo-like radiance 🌟💫    OR   A Diamond Halo for a modest pearl
Shine brighter with mother of pearl & diamonds 💫🌺                          OR                   Today is your day to shine 💫💫
Steal the spotlight 💋💋 OR             Sizzle in the sultry combo of 💎💎 & pearls 💋     OR               Marquise Diamond flower with a pearly lustre ! (starry-eyed emoticon)       OR            Marquise Diamonds and Pearl is bae!
Dare to date pearls & 💎s?    OR           Wed your wrist with pearls & 💎s tonight!       OR            Timeless Pearls
On those 🌟-ry evenings with your beau 😉   OR    Trend Alert: Diamond Clusters
Righteous, Choicest, Rock Solid Elegance 😍💫              OR                Charm your way with 💎💎s           OR      Hello... Double Diamond Halo!
Pearly affair of gold & diamonds 💛💎
Symbolizing the essence of infinity & eternity 😇             OR               Circle of totality & wholeness 😇                  OR               Circle of Diamond Sparkle!
Highlighting your gorgeous eyes 💞💘        OR                Adding spark to your look 💞💘
Everyday Diamond Happiness! (posted and pre app)
Sparkle On... Everyday! (pre app)
Falling in love with you everyday 😘💋
Not just today or tomorrow, but everyday ❤️❤️
A burst of 💎💎on your fingers! (old post, pre-approved)
Pearly affair of gold & diamonds 💛💎
Dare to date pearls & 💎s?
Marquise Diamonds and Pearl is bae!
Gleaming halo of pearls 🌟💫
Swirl & shine! 💎
My sun, my moon, & all my 🌟s
Diamond’s dazzle & pearl’s passion!
For those dainty, dressy evening✨
Keep calm & put your pearls on
Love me like you do 🎶
Lilies + Diamonds = Jackpot!
Beautiful stones everyday with Rumeha!
Diamond Florals Be Best! (pre-app)
Draped in 💎‘s dazzle! (pre-app)
Lend a pearl-y charm to your look 💫👌 (pre-app)
Hey you, the gorgeous in pearls! 💫😍 (pre-app)
Diamond Dewdrop Sparkle!
That Diamond Necklace you absolutely must-have!
Curve of baguette diamonds in a latticed paisley! (pre-app)
Twinkle like the star you are⭐️
The Ornate Collection - Embellished to make you blush!☺
Diamond Dewdrops!
The Ornate Collection - For diamonds that reflect a quaint charm 🌟
Shine a little everyday 💍
The Ornate Collection - For diamonds that reflect a quaint charm
Shine a little everyday
Ornate- The quaint charm of diamonds!
Ornate- The quaint charm of diamonds!
The Victorian Era inspires us!
A beautiful stone for your beautiful sister! #GiftherRumeha
In classic diamond beauties we trust!
A pinch of Ibani sparkle for today!
Glittering Diamond Constellation
Sprinkling those sparkles around
A Galaxy of shimmering stars for the night
Twinkle Sprinkle!
Gleaming glory for your beautiful wrists!
A star studded evening!
Never leave home without your pearls ✨
Latticed round diamond bangles! (pre-app)
How about a diamond blossom? 💎
Half-moon diamond cuties! ❤️
Star-studded cuties! 💎
A twirl of diamond dreams💝
Diamond Clusters!
Listen to your ❤️
Gorgeous glitters for the evening 😍💝
Swirling in diamonds 😍😘
For the love of stripes and diamonds💞
Best of both worlds! ✨
Dose of diamonds for your wrists! 💎
Diamond dewdrops for the win
The exquisite fusion of diamonds and pearls! 😍
Entwined diamond dazzle! 💎
Dainty pearl petals for the evening?
Twinning with Diamonds!
A glittery floral diamond dream 😍
A gift of 'forever' 💝
Embellished with love 😍😘❤️
Make 3 diamond wishes. 😍
Urban treasure 💟
Elegantly entangled in diamonds 💞
A romance of rubies and diamonds for that special dinner date! 😍
Glitters for the evening 😍💞
Fresh, floral, feminine! 💫
Looped in a diamond story 💘
Diamond Glitter, Diamond Glamour
Rolled up in diamonds 😍😍
Diamond Bouquets for cosy evenings! 💞
Our favourite love triangle! ❤️
Nayi shuruwat, nayi chammak! 💎 Visit the store and take your pick from 10000+ designs from our Diwali collection!
When the sky is full of lights, but you’re the one shinning! 💫
Swirl your way into ‘Gifting mode’ this Diwali! 🎁💎 10000+ designs to choose from! Pick up a gift from our exclusive Diwali collection! ❤️
Pink floral dreams to bring in a glamorous Diwali 💋🌸
Twinkling timeless twins! 💫
Smile, sparkle and shine this Diwali!
A dainty Diwali surprise! ❤️
For the new bride who will shine a little brighter this Diwali 😍❤️
A  little Diwali surprise for your beautiful wife 😍😘
Diamond Love!
A fitting gift for the shining stars of your home!
Nothing like sealing your love with sparkling diamonds! 💎
This Diwali, leave a little sparkle wherever you go! 😘
Diwali memo: Love, dance & shine! ❤️
Little twinkles to compliment your gulabi glow! 💎
Something to make her cheeks go pink! 💕
Love bound in diamonds! ❤️ 💎
Cute little glittering set to add to your jewellery wishlist 😍
Diamond on my mind! Diamond on my wrist! ❤️
Diamond Clusters!! 💝
Add a sparkle to your Friday! 😍
Diamond Blooms!
Timeless Diamonds! 💎
Sparkle On! 💞
A star studded affair 😍
Pretty in pink 😍
That diamond shine! ❤️
Diamond Evenings! 😍💋
Twinkling beauty ❤️
Diamond Twinning ❤
Diamond sparkles! 😍😘
Touch of red to Diamonds! 😍
Diamonds in full bloom! 😘
Diamond floral circles!
Diamonds in full bloom! 😘
Stunner for that anniversary dinner <3
Special evenings call for Diamonds
Tis the season for floral diamonds 🌸
Elegance.Class. 💋
Pearly Trail! ❤️
Starburst 🌟
Diamond snowflakes ❄️
Crushing on #MotherofPearl right now! ❤️
Diamond Treasures! <3
Are you party ready!
Sunday Brunch Surprises
Greens and reds sitting on a gorgeous diamond bed ❤️
Day time Diva! 😍
Diamond twins!
Pretty, Floral and Pearl ❤️
Classic diamond beauty ❤️
Shimmer this winter.. 💎✨
Follow your heart! ❤️
Diamond studded awesomeness
And she said,
A class apart!
Sparkle a little brighter today!
Perfect Diamond Evenings... like these! 😍
Diamond flowers this winter!
Going Neutral
Going Neutral
Going Neutral
Going Neutral
Going Neutral
When gold met diamonds
Diamonds embraced in rose gold!