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Light Weight and Daily Wear Gold Bangles for Women


  • INR 1,47,635


  • INR 2,40,449


  • INR 1,49,622


  • INR 1,73,502


  • INR 2,20,439


  • INR 2,47,036


  • INR 1,81,160


  • INR 1,48,222


  • INR 1,99,358


  • INR 2,42,004


  • INR 2,48,479


  • INR 2,18,545


  • INR 1,92,473


  • INR 1,68,479


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Light Weight & Daily Wear Gold Bangles

Explore our stunning collection of light weight gold bangles designed for daily wear. Our diverse range includes single bangle and pair of bangles designs, featuring a variety of styles to suit your preferences. Explore machine-cut designs, daily-use rhodium-coated bangles, trio bangles, two-tone variations, CNC crafted, Meenakari, hand-painted Meena, Patli Dulchol lightweight bangles, and the exquisite Indo-Italian fusion styles. Each piece is meticulously crafted for comfort and style, ensuring a perfect complement to your everyday attire.

Why choose light weight & Daily Wear gold bangles?

Opting for our collection of light weight gold bangles offers a blend of sophistication and comfort suitable for daily wear. Our catalog showcases an array of designs catering to diverse preferences. From intricately detailed designs to minimalist styles, our bangles are crafted with precision. The versatility and fair prices of our light weight gold bangles make them an ideal choice for everyday use.

Tips for Choosing Lightweight & Daily Wear Gold Bangles

The weight of a gold bangle is an important factor to consider when making a purchase. It’s also important to strike a balance between purity and durability when making a purchase. The design of a bangle is often a matter of personal preference. Some may prefer simple, classic designs, while others may prefer bracelets with intricate patterns or gemstones. When choosing a design, it’s important to consider whether it’s something you’ll enjoy wearing regularly or if it’s a trend that may go out of style.

What are the different types of light weight gold bangles?

Classic bracelets are simple, elegant bracelets that come in a range of styles and sizes. They are versatile and can be worn with both traditional and modern outfits. Classic bangles are usually made from 22-karat gold and have a high-shine finish. Designer bangles often include gemstones or other embellishments, such as american diamonds. Can be worn on special occasions or to add a touch of luxury to an everyday outfit.

Where can I buy light weight & Daily Wear gold bangles?

Explore our collection of light weight gold bangles, perfect for casual daily wear without compromising on style. At Manubhai, find a diverse range of designs catering to your preferences in daily wear gold bangles design. We offer a curated selection of light weight gold bangles, meticulously crafted for both elegance and comfort. Whether you seek minimalist pieces or ornate designs suitable for everyday occasions, our collection ensures a perfect match for your casual daily wear gold bangle needs.

What are the benefits of light weight gold bangles?

Light weight gold bangles offer several advantages, including comfort for daily wear, versatility to match various outfits, affordability due to less gold content, and ease of styling with other accessories. These bangles provide an elegant touch without compromising on convenience, making them ideal for regular wear and diverse fashion preferences.

What are some popular styles of light weight gold bangles?

Popular styles of light weight gold bangles encompass a wide range of designs, from minimalist patterns to intricately detailed motifs. Sleek and slender gold bangles, rhodium-coated bangles for daily use, trio bangles, two-tone variations and Indo-Italian fusion styles are among the trending choices. Additionally, certain lightweight bracelets, known for their popularity, elegantly complement women’s gold bangle collections. These bracelets, when paired with thin gold bangles or worn individually, add a layer of sophistication to one's look.

What is the difference between lightweight gold bangles and traditional gold bangles?

The distinction between lightweight gold bangles and traditional gold bangles lies primarily in their design, weight, and usage. Lightweight gold bangles are crafted to offer elegance without the weight, making them suitable for everyday wear and versatile styling. In contrast, traditional gold bangles often exhibit more substantial weight and intricate designs featuring heavier gold ornate detailing and occasions.

How much do lightweight gold bangles cost?

The price of lightweight gold bangles can vary based on factors like purity of gold, craftsmanship, intricate designs, and prevailing market rates. Lightweight gold bangles typically offer a more affordable option due to their lower gold content compared to heavier bangles. Prices may further vary depending on the specific design, detailing, karat purity (such as 22K or 18K), additional embellishments like stones or enameling, and the jeweler's pricing policy.

What carat of gold is best for daily wear bangles?

Choosing 22K gold for daily wear bangles provides versatility as well; they can be worn repeatedly for various occasions or special events, without compromising their quality or appearance. However, it's essential to consider personal preferences and lifestyle while selecting the karatage for daily wear bangles. Some individuals might prefer purity of 18K gold for a balance between durability and affordability, while others may prioritize the higher purity of 22K gold.