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The spunky #Cocktailbride. Layering it up with a pearl choker and a diamond necklace. #BombayBrides2020 collection by #ManubhaiJewellersâ €
₹ 1010177
A stunning bridal necklace in 22 karat gold. Reviving the classics with #handcrafted #meenakarijewellery. #BombayBrides2020 a collection of reinvented classics.â €
₹ 1477640
Layers and layers of unending sparkles to pave the way for the memorable walk down the isle.
₹ 1133717
The red carpet ready bride. A delicate, three layered diamond necklace.
₹ 748517
he is the bride after all. The modern beauty, no shy but bold, not subdued but smiling, not timid but headstrong - she is not just red, but every colour of her mood.
₹ 1228356
Her dreams are made of Sequins and Heels.
₹ 268119
No diamond is like the other. No bride is like the other. #BombayBrides2020 collection by #ManubhaiJewellers
₹ 1714473
Bold and blue. Be a modern diva on your wedding day. Wear tradition with a twist. BombayBrides2020 collection from ManubhaiJewellers
₹ 635832
A Stardust glint was all she needed to add oomph to her midnight blue cocktail gown!â €
₹ 96523
As she stepped down the stairs, looking like an angel, he was left to wonder what was more charming- her smile or her Stardust allure!â €
₹ 901040
Enveloped by Stardust, she rises after every fall, conquers her world and shines bright!
₹ 131485
She's Stardust, born to lighten up your life!
₹ 258305