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Jewellery is not just an accessory; it is a form of expression, expressed through colors, textures, flow and design. It implies moments of joy and stylish originality much like the reputation of its source of origin, Italy. Known for its class Italy – is not just the land of art, culture and food, it is an inspiration of beauty and a desire to be unique. Italian Delight is one such desire for beauty in our everyday lives, designed with a matchless lightweight Italian technique for those who wish for something as unique as themselves. The collection is designed in the in golden veils in a mix of (18/14k) rose, white and yellow gold and is astonishingly delicate.



Pendants Sets

Inspired by shells, this sea side beauty is a class apart with its pink sheen and glow of rose gold with white gold accents. The design speaks for itself and only enhances the beauty and poise of the woman who adorns it.

Italian jewellery is also known for its satin finish texturing. Inspired by the mid 80’s fashion this pendant set is a curved triangle in yellow gold topped with a rose gold and white flower design. Double the fun for these gorgeous earrings.

Flowers are a universal favourite, but add a splash of color and you won’t take your eyes off of it. It is what translates on to the woman of flawless taste in jewellery, each petal unfolding an aspect of her beauty that does not let the eyes waver.

The world revolves around you much like the cosmos does around the sun. The rays of which emit your inner radiance. This delicate pendant -necklace set is a cocktail favourite and matches its lace like look adds to its mystery. Is it light weight? Oh yes!

From stepping into work to stepping out for dinner, this matt finish beauty is the perfect bet for those who do not compromise on their looks. This pendant set goes as perfectly in your boardroom meetings as it does during that leisurely night out.

Make room for the flowery bouquets that not just make for a beautiful accent for your wardrobe, but with these floral dangles that will go with nearly everything, you have a piece that’ll never fail you no matter what you wear.

Inspired by wax flowers this enamelled wonder is a quintessential pendant set for all your daily needs. Just the right amount of style to stand out yet not too much to take away all the attention. A perfect mix of subtle and stylish.

Textured in gold, this disc like pendant set design sets the shades of light and shadow within itself. With intricate weaves of gold mounted by a flower like design, these dangles can set the mood without stealing the spotlight.

The perfect piece for your everyday needs. This pendant set is a perfect dailywear and a gifting option . Emitting the illusion of three colors, the golden shadow does the trick of giving it the much desired texture.

Featuring a pendant set drawn from the inspiration of the bougainvillea flower, set on a spider mesh and outlined with a petite golden lace and a play of dual colors. Perfect for a casual day out in a summer afternoon.

A matt finish pendant-necklace design mounted with golden flowers in a play of textures. The earrings speak volumes of the wearers feminine beauty and disposition. Does it look perfect for gifting? We would like to think so.

Each pendant set is designed keeping in mind it’s utility in the lives of the working woman. These mid length pendants and dangle earrings speak of not just the wearer’s style quotient and choice of fashion, but also their need to look unabashedly amazing.


Check Mate! Drop earrings that are just drop dead gorgeous in a chequered cut design and outlined in white gold fall perfectly with the party look. So let your hair down, adorn these beauties and grab all the attention without even trying.

Italian designs are quite famous for its mesh, much like these dangles that speak for itself. Styled in rose gold and white gold accents, these earrings are one of Italian Delight’s marvels patterned in natures beauty.

Even a little can be a lot when designed like these dangles made in all three colors of gold, playfully swaying to your every move. The etchings on the drop give it a sparkling effect much like the disco lights that would reflect off it.

Simplicity is best described with geometrics. These simple silhouettes make for the most impactful designs. Trendier styles inspired by jhumkas making their way into the modern world with an upgraded design.


Some are just designs and some turn into Showstoppers. The showstopper bracelet for the woman who puts the world to a stop. A beautiful bracelet mounted with rose gold periwinkles on an intricate mesh of yellow and white gold.

These bangles are bang on target when you are looking for nothing traditional. Designed for the modern woman who is looking for an investment in style and unfading fashion, these pair of bangles are nothing you have ever seen before.

Often known as the Italian finish, this bracelet is textured with the same, further embellished by rose gold and white gold texturing. Its design stands out like no other much like your personality. Not just for everyone, this one is for that select few!

A golden veil with drops of golden rain trickling through it. Nature has a way of turning everything into a piece of art, and those who wear that art are not so far apart. The Italian Delight has uniquely designed bangles and necklaces that no just look majestic and gorgeous but are unbelievingly lightweight.


From a variety of textures these rings range between a play of high polish and matt finish designs. The unique feature being its flexible sizing. One size fits all! You will find adjustable rings that allow you to shop for the design without worrying about the size.

These rings are perfectly lightweight even in its pricing and being the much required glow to any party. The floral design adds to the feminine touch. From intricate designs to modern silhouettes, there is something for every girl out there.

Cocktail rings have a new address. The Italian Delight collection re-introduces gold cocktail rings in the form of various flowers. From ruffled to petalous and wavy to meshy, all these rings come with a common two tone to three tone gold color accents.


The Italian Delight collection is an inspired by the woman of today. The quintessential girl who is un-ethnic and un-traditional in her outlook to jewellery. She wears her style unapologetically and does not hesitate to experiment.

These necklace sets bring in the much required vibe that turn heads around at any party. Styled on the lines of diamond jewellery, these necklaces are extremely lightweight and will not hold you back from enjoying your moment In the spotlight.

All designs have a mix of gold colors and mesh, sparkled by etched balls that shine like diamonds from afar. Much to the delight of the wearer, these beauties can be styled with just about anything that you lay your eyes on.

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