Donning the Stardust glimmer on her wrists, she shone like a star herself!
₹ 151,687.28
Dressed in crisp formals, adorned in her lucky Stardust sparkle, she was ready to embed her mark on her clients' minds!
₹ 93,433.46
A sold green satin saree, a pair of Stardust glimmer for adornments, hair left open and a vibe of a Diva, she was ready to steal the show!â €
₹ 235,798.98
While she only displays her Stardust twinkle, she holds the entire mystical Universe within herself!
₹ 335,969.52
She's made in Stardust, dazzling in her natural state!
₹ 151,687.28
She's known for her captivating charisma, outshining them all with her Stardust gleam!
₹ 677,915.05
She's strong and brave, fights the darkness and emerges valiant, enveloped in Stardust!
₹ 82,551.41
Numerous stars shine bright, yet she's the one who leaves behind her Stardust charm that remains etched in your memory!
₹ 102,117.91
One look and she leaves you amazed with her sparkling Stardust allure!
₹ 476,931.66
Wondering what's the secret of her dazzle? She's magical and mystical, born with a Stardust charm.
₹ 130,752.58
Her first achievement as an entrepreneur, her brother was the first to appreciate. Waking up to a gift of diamond dangler pair,
₹ 56,953.18
Dressed in a long black bodycon dress, she looked absolutely mesmerizing. What added to her allure was her Stardust glimmer, wrapped around her neck.
₹ 356,031.91