She can't shine without darkness, and leaves a trail behind like a Stardust every time she tears away the darkness!
₹ 49,535.17
She doesn't rise alone; like a Stardust, she rises by lifting others!
₹ 137,138.53
She's your Stardust angel, always making you fulfil your wishes!
₹ 175,205.88
Look deep, and you will see her eyes twinkling with dreams, like Stardust!
₹ 97,876.88
She's lively and ambitious with a dazzling aura, just like a Stardust!
₹ 213,956.85
An enchanting beauty, she owes it all to her Stardust glint!
₹ 1,066,666.87
She is a mystical blend of Stardust and all things magical!
₹ 64,829.95
A bright smile and a Stardust charm are all she needs to look her best every day!
₹ 285,302.28
Donning the Stardust glimmer on her wrists, she shone like a star herself!
₹ 157,386.47
Dressed in crisp formals, adorned in her lucky Stardust sparkle, she was ready to embed her mark on her clients' minds!
₹ 95,790.21
A sold green satin saree, a pair of Stardust glimmer for adornments, hair left open and a vibe of a Diva, she was ready to steal the show!â €
₹ 240,024.09
While she only displays her Stardust twinkle, she holds the entire mystical Universe within herself!
₹ 349,590.24