The murmers stopped as she walked into the room; they said she fled to find herself a groom. Whispers began seeing her Italian shine; something that she proudly called
₹ 209,347.50
Determined and focused, she always got the job done. Often termed as shrewd, she only cared for one. In the dull warden office, her gold shone bright and happy. She now sat opposite her little man, the one to always call her 'Mummy'.
₹ 78,458.55
'Wish you were here.' she longingly mused. Sat by the window, her mind flew true. A golden box fell on her lap, startling her blue. Eyes wide in surprise, she looked to her brother. 'You're here!' she screamed, as they embraced one another.
₹ 70,184.41
Her palms are sweaty; knees weak, arms are heavy. Gold on her neck, she's nervous already. On-stage now, she unleashes her wild energy. The crowd entranced, tuning into her melody!
₹ 57,338.61
She hid it in her drawer, a golden ring of her own. Months of hardwork, determination and tears to save for this milestone. Found by her mother, who beamed in pride. 'Flaunt it' mother said, 'under the bright sunshine.
₹ 51,841.60
Fiery and passionate, she took over the conference. Once she stopped, all that echoed was her confidence. With the resonant praises she glowed, and so did her gold.
₹ 53,404.88
“I have no accessories” had struck her again. Sliding on the dressing table came his gift; a piece of gorgeous Italian gold, the perfect match for his beautiful girl.
₹ 256,621.00
Hair pulled back in a high ponytail, her danglers shone against the rays of the setting sun. Watching her glow with peace on her face, taking a break never looked more fun.
₹ 115,223.63
Simple and sweet, was his last memory of you. Years passed, he grew up and you did too. Italian gold and a summer dress of sunflower yellow hue; he's at the door, what're you gonna do?
₹ 35,074.90
It rains and thunders all afternoon. Her lunch date cancelled, she picks a book. By the window she sits among rays of sun-lit clouds; they reflect the gold, donned so proud.
₹ 114,099.90
Butterflies in her stomach, she enters the cafe. Scanning the place, she spots her. Her eyes shine as bright as her ornate as she sits opposite her best friend, after three years of distance.
₹ 81,712.37
Wine in hand, she thinks of him; words unspoken lie in between. Exquisite gold glitters in candle-light; Her choice is made, she sips her wine. 🍷
₹ 62,194.08