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Mohan Mala: A Traditional Maharashtrian Necklace

The Mohan Mala is a Maharashtrian necklace known for its timeless elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this gold chain is often worn on special occasions and festive celebrations. At Manubhai Jewellers, you can explore a stunning collection of Mohan Mala gold chains, each reflecting exquisite craftsmanship.

Design Elements of Mohan Mala

Mohan Mala features layered necklaces adorned with golden beads, creating an attractive and captivating look. Each layer is carefully crafted to enhance the overall elegance, making it a standout piece in traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

Different Styles of Mohan Mala

The different styles of Mohan Mala encompass traditional designs that symbolize tradition, featuring golden beads in layered necklaces. One exquisite style is the Mohan Mala with Kundan stones, a type of jewellery that pairs precious stones with gold settings.

Mohan Mala for Every Occasion

Whether worn for weddings, festivals, or special events, a Mohan Mala adds a touch of Maharashtrian heritage to your attire. It is a symbol of tradition and beauty and is the perfect choice for every occasion.

Buy Mohan Mala Online

Our online collection features a wide range of Mohan Mala designs. Whether you're looking for a traditional design or a modern twist, our Mohan Mala collection offers versatility and style.

What is Mohan Mala?

Mohan Mala is a traditional Maharashtrian necklace made of intricately woven golden beads. It is a symbol of cultural heritage and is typically worn for special occasions like weddings and festivals, showcasing the rich craftsmanship of Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai.

What is the significance of Mohan Mala?

Mohan Mala holds significant cultural and symbolic importance in Maharashtrian tradition. It represents love, marital harmony, and prosperity, making it a cherished piece often worn during auspicious occasions like weddings and festivals.

Is Mohan Mala still popular today?

Yes, Mohan Mala remains popular today, cherished for its timeless beauty and cultural significance. It continues to be worn during traditional Maharashtrian ceremonies and festive occasions, showcasing its enduring appeal and relevance in modern times.

What are the different types of Mohan Mala?

Mohan Mala comes in various types and designs, ranging from traditional styles with intricately woven golden beads to modern interpretations that incorporate Kundan stones for added elegance. Each type of Mohan Mala reflects the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra and offers a unique blend of tradition and contemporary flair.

Where can I buy a Mohan Mala?

You can buy a Mohan Mala from Manubhai Jewellers, a trusted store known for its exquisite collection of traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

How much does a Mohan Mala cost?

The cost of a Mohan Mala can vary depending on factors such as the design intricacy, the quality of materials used, and any additional embellishments like Kundan stones. It's best to check with the specific jeweler or store for the current pricing of the designs.