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Inspired by the divine presence of Asthavinayak, Manubhai Jewellers celebrates the festive season with the Ashtamala Collection! A trendy yet classic gold collection of eight different gold malas and gold chains, Ashtamala is your ideal pick for celebrations this festive season.

Come try on multi-layered rani haars in 22k hallmarked gold to trendy gold kanthas, Italian designed gold necklaces and stylised semi-precious beads and pearl chains.

Multi Layer Raani Haars

A classic range of multi-layered chains designed like rani haars in 22k hallmarked gold with a variety of contouring and artistic cuts

Savitri Haars

Traditional chandan haaars are always a favourite for the festive season. Also known as Savitri haars, these gold chains are a must have

Single Brooch Malas

Style it up with a single brooch multi-lined mala or necklace! Wear it is a single kantha or pair it up with your gold chokers!

Pearl Malas

Festive celebrations call for pearls as chains! Whether a single line of pearls or a bunch of keshi pearls bound tightly together, pearl chains are the prettiest!

Antique Malas

A touch of antique finish on gold makes all the difference! These gold malas and chains are crafted with a temple jewellery look. Intricate and majestic is the look we were going for.

Italian Malas

Contrast a traditional outfit with trendy Italian designed Malas and Chains from our Ashtamala collection

Rhodium Malas

If you’re looking for a golden dazzle, layer up with 22K gold Rodium Malas and chains. The fine cut work across each gold bead makes the rodium shine stand out even more in the chains!

Colourful Stones Malas

Trending now are these colourful beads in 22k gold chains! With hand painted pearls and gemstones, these malas and chains are a delight to wear for everyday fashion!