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Manubhai Design


Every design at Manubhai jewellers incorporates traditions and virtues passed down generations. Our products embody true Indian artistry and originality of design.

Manubhai Quality


At Manubhai jewellers we painstakingly check the quality of each product and delve in unparalleled craftsmanship to provide you with the uniqueness you seek.

Manubhai Service


We have been a part of this extraordinary journey since traditional to modern times, unwavering in our service to our customers and providing you with all you desire.


Diamond Diva collection

Diamond Diva is the extraordinary in every ordinary girl. It is every girls dream to look and feel fabulous and turn all those heads around every time she enters a room, yet few manage to achieve it.

Italian Delight collection

Jewellery is not just an accessory; it is a form of expression, expressed through colors, textures, flow and design. It implies moments of joy and stylish originality much like the reputation of its source of origin, Italy.

Bombay Bride collection

Weddings are all about creating memories that a bride treasures for all her life! The #MJBride is a modern woman who is strongly grounded in her roots of tradition.

Bombay Chic collection

Bombay, the former name of glamour, glitz, style, Bollywood and hopes. Bombay is one city that never loses its charm. People say, if you fall in love with this city, you can never live away from it.

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